Alerts designed for Vercel logs

Get notified when users encounter errors and fix issues faster.

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Alerts straight into your inbox.

Our alerts are easy to set up and get delivered right to your email so you can act on issues immediately.

Use keywords to get notified about specific logs.

Alerts are triggered when a specific keyword (such as "error") appears in your logs.

Get alerts for build logs too.

Alerts monitor build logs, so you get an email if a new Vercel deployment fails.

Install with Vercel

Install our Vercel integration


How much does it cost?

Logalert was built because we wanted simple log alerts for our apps on Vercel. It is free to use, and we plan to keep it free forever. We are working on more features that will be added to a paid tier.

Can I get alerts based on multiple keywords?

Yes! You can create complex filters that alert you when any one of multiple specific keywords are found in logs, as well as exclude specific keywords.

Can I get notifications through Slack?

We currently only support email notifications, but please let us know if you'd like another channel such as Slack.

How long are logs stored?

Logalert will email you log messages when we find specific logs that match your alerts. We are working on the ability to search and store all your logs, even those that don't match your alert keywords.

Do I get alerts in real time?

We currently check and issue alerts every 5 minutes.

I have a question or feature suggestion!

We are actively improving this service and would love your feedback! Please email us at